Deliberate Leadership: Tripling the Value

Deliberate Leadership - Case StudyCase Study

Robert A., a CEO in trust administration, loan management and capital markets advisory services, credits EXCN’s coaching with helping him successfully spin off a company from its parent corporation.

The results of Robert’s efforts are impressive.

“We got a company launched and profitable during a recession,” he notes. “When we were done we had tripled the value of the business… the coaching really helped me lead the company. We converted our market challenges into opportunities.”

Personally, the executive says, EXCN’s Strategic Executive Coaching® experience “helped me gain the confidence that I could make the leap from CFO to CEO.”

Unlike other approaches to executive coaching which concentrate only on the behaviors and traits of individual managers, Strategic Executive Coaching is a long-term, structured process that takes the organization’s values, mission and goals as its starting point and aligns executive behavior to best serve the needs of the business.

Strategic Executive Coaching works to give an executive heightened confidence and the courage to say what needs to be said to those who need to hear it when they need to hear it. The coaching is designed to improve the individual’s understanding of his/her own strengths and weaknesses as well as to increase his/her awareness of the perceptions of others.

In Robert’s case he’s focused on what he sees as his core strength: “Remaining calm and focused when chaos and unknowns surround me.”

Through Strategic Executive Coaching Robert has learned to listen more carefully, to be a more thoughtful, deliberate leader and to embrace the triumphs that he and his employees had achieved.

“When I started working with EXCN, I realized that I wasn’t celebrating successes both personally and with my teams. I learned to appreciate the successes and to recognize my teams and myself for jobs well done.”

He learned to break the habit of answering questions before they were fully asked…. he got better at asking questions instead of providing answers.

And, he says, he learned to stop investing his mentoring skills “in people who refused to change.” Now Robert invests in people who demonstrate a commitment to improvement.

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