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Leader as Coach

Designed to equip your executives with high-impact coaching capabilities, our Leader as Coach program ensures they have the skills and tools to foster continuous development within their teams.

Typical Situations Where Our Leader as Coach Program Makes a Difference

The most valuable employees are those dedicated to continuous self-improvement and development. They seek inspiring and constructive feedback from their leaders to fuel their growth. Disappointment and disengagement often follow when leaders fail to provide a clear path for development. A leader’s credibility hinges on the ability to deliver honest feedback effectively and in a timely manner.

  1. Perceptions of Skill Level: Leaders may discover that their assumed effectiveness in coaching doesn’t match reality.
  2. Culture: Leaders identify the need to build a coaching culture in their organization.
  3. Priorities: Leaders realize they need to prioritize coaching as a leadership imperative.
  4. Discrepant Views: Leaders say they are coaching but their direct reports say they are not.
  5. Performance: Performance is not meeting expectations.
  6. Motivating Talent: Top-performing employees expect leaders to provide inspiring and constructive feedback.
  7. Retention: Top talent is motivated to grow. To retain top talent, leaders must be  held accountable for developing their people and teams, and for ensuring consequences for underperformance.

Essential Components of Leader as Coach

  1. Case for Coaching: EXCN’s Leader as Coach program adds immense value by helping leaders understand why coaching is a critical leadership responsibility and the consequences of not doing it, and then imparting the knowledge of how to do it effectively.
  2. Skill-Building: Our program teaches essential coaching skills and feedback delivery techniques through a comprehensive four-step coaching cycle.
  3. High-Impact Coaching Capabilities: The Leader as Coach program is designed to deliver high-impact coaching capabilities to executives. Leaders learn to align coaching efforts with strategic goals, creating an environment where individuals and teams perform at their best.
  4. Action Learning: Techniques are applied experientially in real-life scenarios during practice sessions.
  5. Customization: EXCN tailors programs for each client.

Why Leaders Choose Our Leader as Coach Program

Leader as Coach participants report that the process is “valuable and informative.” Some say that in addition to skill-building, they learn some things about themselves. The process is described as comfortable, positive, and participative.

Leaders seek the Leader as Coach program to develop coaching skills that contribute to the growth and development of their team members, fostering a culture of ongoing improvement. Leaders recognize that their credibility is linked to how well and how promptly they deliver honest feedback. The Leader as Coach program equips leaders with the skills to provide effective coaching and feedback.

Executives recognize that effective coaching not only benefits individual team members but also has a positive ripple effect on the entire team and organization. The Leader as Coach program contributes to creating a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.

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