Value of Executive Coaching Network’s Strategic Team Coaching™

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Executive Coaching Network’s Strategic Team Coaching™

What was the greatest value to you from the meeting facilitated by EXCN?

“Walking away with a stronger personal connection to my co-workers.”
“It brought a much needed sense of team and accountability.”
“Framework for better efficiency.”
“A reinforced sense of trust, empathy and team work. It was well executed and found a fantastic balance between being cathartic and reinvigorating.”

What are the major messages you are taking back on the job about the team?

“Team, honesty, transparency and a commitment to move together collectively.”
“The meeting unified a group of leaders supporting one vision and our CEO. The power of transparency and trust.”
“We came away much more cohesive, with better alignment, committed to better communication.”

What is your expectation of others following the team meeting] regarding the process?

“That we all stay true to what we promised.”
“To hold me accountable to what I promised. To make an extra effort to be candid to each other. To work as one team.”
“Continue to build trust among us by following the lessons learned from the session, living the team agreements and focusing on the team and individual action plans.”

Please provide any comments regarding meeting facilitation.

“Having a team building engagement exercise there is always a fine line between corny and wow. This one was wow all the way.”
“I appreciated Alyssa’s candor, and keeping the group reigned in, not always easy with this group.”
“Alyssa was great, was able to communicate well with group, seemed to understand our business and kept the group on track or brought us back on track when we waivered.”
“Clear, engaging, well-paced.”

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