EXCN Client Research Results

Results from client surveys conducted in 2011, 2015, and 2020.

% of coachees who agree that:

My experience with Executive Coaching Network®, Inc. was positive
Executive coaching of me was valuable for the organization Executive coaching was a valuable experience for me
My coach's style was effective for me The structure of the executive coaching process had positive impact on the value I received from executive coaching
I would recommend Executive Coaching Network® externally I would recommend Executive Coaching Network® internally

Achieve Top Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership Development
EXCN’s work with executives reinforces successful leaders’ strengths improving performance and accelerating meaningful results.

Teams Pulling Together

Commitment to People and Performance
EXCN helps identify the barriers to team success and accelerate meaningful change. EXCN will improve communication and morale and generate greater productivity.

Results Matter; Leadership Counts®
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About Executive Coaching Network Inc.

 EXCN is a Global Coaching Firm for C-suite executives, teams, and organizations
Executive Coaching Network (EXCN) is a global executive coaching company helping organizations improve performance through leadership development. We create a powerful link between executive development , long-term profitability, and business growth.

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