Coaching Discussed By Alyssa Freas On Biz Talk With Josh Smith

Alyssa Freas was a guest December 13, 2012 on  “Biz Talk With Josh Smith,”  a weekly business radio talk show focusing on entrepreneurs, small, women, minority and veteran-owned businesses.   Discussion centered around the value of coaching with the show’s host, Joshua I. Smith. Listen to a recording of the show here.  

Don’t Let Fatigue Drain Your Executive Vitality

How to Avoid Letting your Executive Vitality be Drained by Fatigue

Executive Vitality is an executive’s exuberance, mental vigor, capacity for meaning or purpose, and power to grow. All these critical leadership characteristics are diminished by the fatal vitality drain—fatigue. Recently, I read a great piece by Tony Schwartz entitled, “Fatigue Is Your Enemy,” (see link at bottom).  In this blog Tony states, “In fact, it’s…

Credible Leadership Provides Intense Alignment and Guardrails

The link below will take you to a New York Times interview with the president and CEO of Hilton Worldwide. What I found of particular interest and value were his comments on culture and the importance to an organization of alignment, values, and clear priorities.  If you have been involved in any of EXCN’s Strategic Team…

Teams Pulling Together-Aligning Teams for Results

Blog - Teams Pulling Together-Aligning Teams

As I head off to take part in the Vineman triathlon (my first!), I am reflecting on my four years of watching the Tour de France.  It has become abundantly clear to me that the essence of superior performance in cycling on the Tour is esprit de corps, a key ingredient in aligning teams for…

The Power of Leadership®

The Power of Leadership

Martin Luther King described power as  “the ability to effect change.” When you are in a leadership position you have the potential to make a difference in the world with and through other people.   During this Holiday we honor the men and women who courageously lead to help make the world a better place. As…

Fireworks in the Workplace

Firework in the Workplace

Happy Fourth of July Holiday Week! personal loans for people with bad credit On July 3, 1776, John Adams wrote to his wife, Abigail, after the Continental Congress had decided to proclaim the American colonies independent from Great Britain, “The day [commemorating this proclamation] will be most memorable in the history of America. I am…

Accountability and Consequences

Accountability And Consequences

As many of you may know, one of billionaire Warren Buffett’s top executives, Denis Abrams, CEO of Benjamin Moore, was given a “pink slip” after he and some of his other senior employees took off on a reward getaway to Bermuda at company expense. According to a NY Post exclusive, Abrams was ousted as CEO…

Sometimes You Just Have To Stop

Sometimes You Just Have To Stop

Today I had a day planned at my home office to catch up, relax, and then have an early evening with friends. As often is the case in our professional and personal lives, things didn’t go quite as planned: I had to answer unexpected questions. Phone calls that I waited for were put on hold…

The Path To Performance: Part 2

Last week we talked about how endurance athletes create a path to performance and linked that to organizational life. This week we review what steps successful leaders take to create a path to performance with their direct reports. Successful leaders create a path to performance with their direct reports/team members by: Linking vision and mission…

The Path To Performance

The Path To Performance

The path to performance in any organization must be clear.  My goal in working with executives is to keep to a minimum the complexity of how to achieve leadership excellence and organizational success and focus strongly on the vital few areas that consistently ensure high performance*.   Because our world of work is so complex, and…

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