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Leadership EffectivenessOur mission is to optimize organizational performance by maximizing the effectiveness of leaders and leadership teams. Our philosophy is that the long-term profitability and growth of every organization is inextricably linked to the effectiveness of its leaders. Through The Power of Leadership®, leaders create a values-based environment where people perform to their full potential and maximize their contributions to the organization’s mission and vision. In support of that mission and philosophy, each month we publish Breakaway Performance – Ideas that transform the way you work — with tips to help leaders achieve leadership effectiveness. We hope you will enjoy our articles and find them valuable.

Alyssa Freas, Ph.D.
CEO & President
Executive Coaching Network, Inc.

Strategic Coaching Has Bottom-Line Benefits

Strategic Coaching Has Bottom-Line Benefits

By Dr. Alyssa M. Freas and Dr. Don Mankin The rapid growth of executive coaching reflects its bottom-line benefits – increased profits and reduced costs, achieved within a defined timeframe. To be effective, executive coaching […]

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